About - Indonesian Recycled Furniture Manufacture Wholesale
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Indonesian Recycled Wood Furniture Exporter

REFIND is a stand for Recycled Furniture Indonesia.
And we chose REFIND Furnishings as our brand.

REFIND’s philosophy is creating new life for things that were forgotten then re-discovered–re-touching, re-building, re-using, or re-cycling items that otherwise would have not had a chance at a second life.

We create designs with materials such as waste wood that would have been turned into fire wood, forgotten teak roots dug from the forest floor, naturally salvaged wood, old death, retired wooden fishing boats, abandoned automotive oil drums, and any other materials which we think we could be sustainably repurposed into furniture, home decorations, or handicrafts.

We are committed to make a better life with our furniture and handicraft collections.

If you share our vision of making a better Earth, then let’s work together.

We serve companies of all sizes, providing wholesale products for trade markets and we believe our collection will meet your company’s needs.

Should you have any inquiries, kindly contact us for further communication.

REFIND Furnishings
Refining Furniture For A Better Life